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All the Essentials to Have Your Business Launched in 13 Modules

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    This includes a deep dive with videos and checklists of additional training and weekly speakers to grow your knowledge base.

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        During the course, we delved into essential topics like obtaining referrals, perfecting cold calling with effective scripts, crafting a compelling value proposition, and the art of networking with other professionals. This not only helped me gain more business opportunities but also enabled me to assist others in growing their own ventures.  Kristi's program provided an environment that allowed me to apply practical strategies in my real estate career. I can confidently say that this program has been the catalyst in reigniting my passion for real estate and boosting my confidence as an agent. 

        Wally G.,  Realtor, Longwood, FL


        This class is an incredibly important building block for new agents. Kristi will walk you through all the things you need to know to make your real estate business work for you and make sure you have a plan for all your daily activities. Keeping on track and staying on task is important and this class will give you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to do just that!

        Thomas O., Realtor, Lake Mary, FL