The First Years in The Real Estate Business Can Be Brutal

Are you finding real estate to be harder than you had expected and looking for an advantage over your competition? Grow your confidence and skill set. Within a matter of months, you can be better equipped than top agents that have years of experience. 

Ready to Launch Your Career?

Gain valuable knowledge and skills through our comprehensive program. Access to our extensive video vault, helpful worksheets, practical scripts, proven best practices, and informative guides, you'll have all the resources you need to succeed.

The program begins with a 90-day "Liftoff" phase, designed to ensure a successful start and avoid any potential failure to launch. During this time, you will learn essential techniques, craft a compelling value proposition, and hone your negotiation skills using persuasive language that fosters agreement.

From winning listings to effectively converting clients and prospecting with confidence, our program covers it all. Take advantage of this opportunity to elevate your skills and achieve success.

Why Join Build An Agent?

Did you know that 78% of Real Estate Agents end up leaving the industry within the first 18 months? Don't be a part of this statistic!

The key to avoiding failure is equipping yourself with the necessary knowledge, learning how to effectively implement strategies, and establishing systems and processes to follow.

By doing so, you can drastically increase your chances of success in the real estate world. And here's the best part - you can learn all of this in a matter of months, achieving what many professionals take years to master.

Go from rookie to master in no time and set yourself up for a thriving career in real estate!

Learn from Speakers & Teachers

Learn from speakers through live webinars and tons of training through videos in the video vault.

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off.

Like-Minded Community

Join our community and connect with fellow new agents who are just like you. Learn and grow with the community.

Introductory Offer

No contract. No bull. Pure growth.

Community Subscription to support and connect new and experienced agents

$47, No Contract

Per Month

  • Online Supportive Community
  • Access To Video Vault
  • Worksheets, Checklists, Guides
  • Grow At Your Pace

Launchpad for brand new agents who want to ramp up quickly

$300 One Time

One Time  Purchase

  • Access 13-Module Course
  • Online Videos to learn the business
  • Guided Instruction
  • Learn At Your Pace


"This is an incredibly important building block for new agents. Kristi will walk you through all the things you need to know to make your real estate business work for you and make sure you have a plan for all your daily activities. Keeping on track and staying on task is important and this class will give you the knowledge, skills, and motivation to do just that!"
"I can't express enough how Kristi Nowrouzi's agent program, "Build an Agent," has been a game-changer for me in getting back on track with the fundamentals of being a real estate agent. I feel equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the industry. Highly recommended!"

Ready to Launch Your Career?

Join our community and training platform to gain knowledge and confidence to soar excel in real estate sales!